The Winnower

Created by Joshua Nicholson on May 27, 2014 | 1 Follower

What is The Winnower why are we different and why should you publish with us? The Winnower was founded by me, a Virginia Tech grad student, to make scientific publishing more transparent, cost-effective, and quicker.

It was founded so that students can publish their own ideas, not necessarily those of their boss.

It was founded so that grad students can afford to publish on their own without paying half of their monthly stipend.

It was founded to give a voice to the part of the scientific community that is largely voiceless yet outnumbers Professors 100 to 1.

With The Winnower your work will be automatically formatted (no delays waiting on typesetters), open to read by all (open-access), and utilize open post-publication peer review (upload your work collect reviews, revise, and then archive).

So I encourage you to stop by The Winnower to sign up to get started submitting and reviewing papers!

All submissions are FREE for a limited time!

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