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Course Pickle is the best way to get the schedule you want. We will send you a (free!) email notification when the classes you want have an open space.

What's the Course Opening Notifier?

Maximize your chances of getting the classes you want! (No more Friday classes or 8 AMs!)

Free email notification when a class opens for the selected semester at Virginia Tech. As soon as a course opening is detected in a CRN, the course opening notifier will notify all the subscribers of that CRN.

Course Pickle

Text message notifications are faster than e-mail notifications. Notifications are sent via e-mail and/or SMS (text-message). Standard rates apply to all text-messages. Since text messages aren't free to send, Course Pickle charges $1 per course opening notification for the text messages.

What's Course Search?

Searches the Virginia Tech class catalog using information gathered from the time table.

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News & Updates

Updated for Spring 2015 Classes

Posted by Adam Bloom on May 7, 2014

Now ready to give you notifications for all Spring 2015 classes!