H.somni Biosensor

Created by Benjamin Fox on April 17, 2014 | 2 Followers

The use of an optical fiber to sense presence of bacterium Histophilus somni. This sensor would be potentially cutting-edge technology in detection of systemic infections in cattle. Research done is on VT campus and IP is owned by campus personnel and as specified in grant funding.

  • microbiology
  • optics
  • sensor
  • biosensor
  • research
  • biology

News & Updates

Project Closed

Posted by Benjamin Fox on August 4, 2014

This project position is no longer available.

Continuation of the project

Posted by Benjamin Fox on May 9, 2014

Due to a change in available materials, this project is "on hold". Feel free to continue applying, however the job is less than guaranteed.

Last call

Posted by Benjamin Fox on April 29, 2014

Last call for applicants.

Update 4/24/14

Posted by Benjamin Fox on April 24, 2014

The position is still available.

Undergraduate Research Opportunity

Posted by Benjamin Fox on April 17, 2014

Currently seeking an undergraduate researcher with an interest in microbiology, physics and/or biosensors. Message the tile creator for information or request an invite.

Course credit for summer/fall 2014 research available. Ideal for current VT students wishing to spend the summer in Blacksburg.

*Please message by May 2014*