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A site to collaborate and support projects. Meant mostly for entrepreneurs, artists and researchers.

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News & Updates


Posted by Benjamin Fox on April 8, 2014

It has been brought to my attention that many cannot view/utilize the site or many of its features when they use anything other than a PC.

This issue will be fixed sometime in the near future, but more beta testing of more bugs is required to assess any bugs (even this major one). I apologize for the time it will take.

Beta 1.0 Bugs

Posted by Benjamin Fox on March 27, 2014

Just so everyone knows, I know of the bugs in the site and will actively work to fix the necessary ones.

More importantly, MOST PEOPLE DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE THIS SITE and that's my fault. I think that I'll make a homescreen (for when you're not signed in) that gives the list of features and how to use them.

Current bugs:

*metadata being cut off on tiles

*buggy on mobile & mac (it's not compatible for these in beta)

*inability to hide tiles/ optimize homepage (not so much a bug as a feature that I think you'll appreciate

*updating picture/video on tiles HAS A SIZE LIMIT so sometimes it will either take multiple tries or won't work at all

*search is non-intuitive

*deletion isn't possible for tiles (and maybe users), and I'm really sorry about that. I'll keep working on it

*pictures get cut off

Don't fret guys, I'm still listening to all of your feedback. Keep in mind this is day 2 of the beta 1.0