VABC - find cheap deals on liquor in Virginia ABC Stores

Created by Benjamin Katz on March 13, 2014 | 4 Followers

Have you ever wondered what the best deals on liquor were at Virginia ABC stores in your area? Have you ever wanted to find the closest VABC store to you, but discovered that it wasn't listed on your favorite maps app? VABC has you covered -- this app allows you to find bargains on alcohol at the closest VABC store to you, by filtering over 2,300 drinks offered in VABC stores by review score, best value, price, size, alcohol-by-volume, age of liquor, name, or category. You can also search for a specific drink by entering its name manually. Don't know where the closest VABC store is? No problem: the Location tab will allow you to view information about nearby stores and navigate to a given store with a single tap.

Download it here:

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