Idea Parties

Created by Benjamin Fox on March 4, 2014 | 5 Followers

On a regular basis, entrepreneurs can get together at a location and vote on an idea they'd like to do as contributed by the group. The most popular idea is selected and everyone either sketches or describes what they think would be the best method for creating it.

For the next coming hours, we will work together to get that idea to the point where we can get support from investors. If the idea requires code, We start a google doc and share code with one another until we have some function.

The party can then decide to keep working on this idea next week or introduce a new idea or bring up one from the prior vote.

While connecting us with the community, this also gives people a structure to support their ideas and make executive decisions.

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News & Updates

First Party!

Posted by Benjamin Fox on June 7, 2014

Since I have available space to work with as well as a nice whiteboard to draw on, I'd like to host the first idea party.

To all who want to attend, message me for the address.

I hope to do this ASAP, likely next Saturday: 6/14/14